Atelier Sedap

high-end Hea kvaliteedi- ja hinna suhtega pärlid Stukkdekooriga valgustid Laste peidetud uputatud ornamentidega kipskuplid kipsivormid kipsprofiilid kipsiprofiilid valguskardin ornamentidega ornamendiga karniis rgb rippuvad tähed pärlid prantsuse prantsusmaa france arhitektuurne high end kvaliteetne allavalgustid downlightid eksklusiivne disain IP65 IP54

Extracted from quarries near Paris, the plaster that Atelier Sedap uses is worked, shaped and molded near the Atlantic coast. Made in France, from plaster of Paris by French employees, our products are 100% French-made.

Research and creativity have enabled Atelier Sedap to develop new uses for plaster and innovative lighting applications. Today more than ever, plaster’s environment-friendly qualities make it the preferred choice. Although plaster’s capacity to regulate humidity, withstand fire and absorb noise have been recognized for thousands of years, it is increasingly appreciated for being environmentally safe and non-toxic. Plaster is non-toxic because it is made from gypsum, a mineral, and water and contains no glues, solvents or other substances harmful to man. Plaster also has very little impact on the environment, since the extraction of gypsum and the production and disposal of plaster are subject to very strict environmental regulations. The plaster we use at Atelier Sedap is obtained from a French quarry that complies with all environmental standards. Furthermore, the manufacturing of plaster produces very little carbon emissions since it is cooked at a low temperature. Lastly, production and construction waste are recycled.

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