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Australians are well-known for their no-nonsense, pioneering spirit. And having confronted the question, “Why can’t I control DMX lights from a computer?” this is precisely what Nicolas Moreau channelled in 1999 when he conceived and developed a world first PC-to-light fixture interface: the Open DMX USB.

Designed to be high-quality, affordable, and compatible with existing systems, it was a well-engineered yet deceptively simple device. What’s more, as the ‘Open’ part of the name suggests, its schematics were made freely available for anybody to study and replicate, thus ensuring that this new technology would rapidly spread and herald previously unheard-of creative possibilities that would revolutionise the lighting industry.

The ENTTEC brand grew from both this product and its transparent philosophy, rapidly developing a reputation, not just for engineering expertise, fine craftsmanship and technical innovation (with several products becoming global industry standards), but also for the kind of fast and flexible support and service that lighting professionals demand. We set out to treat our clientele as we’d like to be treated ourselves – with integrity, proficiency and dedication to achieving the best possible outcome.

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