axolight eritellimus hotelli tekstiilkuplid lambikuplid lambivarjud lambivari värvilised must valge kodu E27 puidust jalgadega jalaga põrandalamp põrandalambid põrandavalgustid laualambid lauavalgustid tekstiilkaabel tekstiiljuhe kangasjuhe lülitiga seinalambid seinavalgustid rosett rosetid laerosetid laerosett philips hue lambid valgusallikad eritellimus

LaLampa is modern and functional Nordic European brand as we are keeping up with the tendencies in interior design and trendy colors. Company offers high quality lamps – for households, workplaces and public interiors, which are adaptable to any space. Each lighting appliance is unique, due to the use of colorful linen, plastic and various shapes of frame constructions.

The brand includes the section “Create Your Own Design”, where clients can choose colors of flax and shapes of lamps and make their own ideas come true.

LaLampa on the daily basis works with architects and designers, as for the result we promise exceptional quality and special products.

Our luminaires, for its form and colors, are timeless pieces.

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