alumiiniumprofiilid alumiinium profiilid profiil peidetud prosed uputatud kipsivormid hõljuv sein maassesüvistatud profiilid prosed prožektorid prosektorid prožed siiniprosed siiniprožektorid siiniprožed siiniprosektorid arhitektuurne high end kvaliteetne viabizzuno

Being Romantic in business means recovering the work ethic, encouraging cooperation,
fostering merit, building relationships based on trust, challenging
the status-quo of a confl icted and competitive market.
Being Romantic in the product means putting the taste and balance of the
result of each project we make, regaining the artistic sense of lighting an environment,
rediscovering the beauty in the things that are produced and sold.
This is why I borrowed the term “Romantic”, to be able to get away a bit from
the Technique.

In the Romantic market there is
cooperation, not competition,
merit, not privilege,
freedom, not oppression,
trust, not opportunism.

In the Romantic product there is
the taste of beauty, not fashion,
fi eld experience, not just technicalities,
the taste of the result, not the product itself,
the unconsciousness of the rules, not the homologation,
but above all, there is love for imperfection.

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