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Creativity, Courage and Aesthetic Sense

JAMES the artist will take you on a journey of discovery, and there will be a lot of things to explore. Beyond norms and mere principles of technique, what JAMES yearns for is something different: bringing the pure beauty of light closer to you. This is not about esotericism. No. Rather, he plays with light and shadow, stroking his fingers gently over the edges of objects. He knows light is the only real parameter of well-being in a room. Light creates moods. JAMES the artist, skilled and determined, exalts the essential without giving into the trivial. The most important is the possibility to paint your visions of the room with light.

Competence and a Feeling for Solutions

JAMES the technician knows it all inside out. He knows exactly when, how and where to find the right solution for the perfect idea. With love for the details, he helps you find the right tools for the best lighting plan. With a critical eye for quality and reliability, he will guide and support you through the project, walk with you the road from a good idea to the best solution. JAMES the technician, skilled and determined, captures the essential by focusing on your requirements. The most important is the possibility to paint your visions of the room with light.

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