Big White Suur Valge kodu koduvalgustid välisvalgustid lambid pirnid tehnilised valgustid spotid spot pollarid pollar prožektor rippvalgusti õue allavalgustid vigurlamp vigurlambid hõõglamp põrandalamp siiniprožektor prose prosektor siiniprosektor maalivalgusti maalilamp kontorilamp kontorivalgusti vannitoavalgusti niiskuskindel niiskuskindlad lambivarjud kuplid tekstiilkuplid kiire tarne kiirtransport lühike tarneaeg odav soodne roostes corten mereteemaline meri

Passion, responsibility, respect and reliability. These are our core values. Words that are not just empty marketing buzz words, but filled with meaning and life. Our passion for light is as vibrant as the light itself. Making lumination an experience – and thus a sharable moment is our driving force. We want to be the solution for your vision of light.

We are proud of us and our brands. Determined to keep pushing our boundaries, we are encouring outside-the-box-thinking and open-minded-hearts. The SLV LIGHTING GROUP is working hard, to grow stronger together. As a family of light lovers sharing the same vision.

It is up to us making the difference for our environment. Which is the reason for our resource-friendly production as well as for our high quality standards that are meant to guarantee a long life cycle for our products. In our testing laboratories in Übach-Palenberg are investigating whether our standards are met and our product designers are taking any result into account when they are developing or redesigning our luminaires. Last but not least, it is also your input which drives us to grow better. So thank you for 40 years of loyalty and honest feedback.

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