Sylcom Spirito Classico

high-end mid kvaliteetne kallis eksklusiivne disain modernne moderne Artisan käsitsi puhutud klaas värviline klaas mummuline mullid kristall lühter lühtrid low poly triibuline sibul torud viltused torud viltune toru ussid

The secret of Venice is its light. With its unpredictable intensity it offers ever-new facets to a queen of ancient splendour, never failing to amaze visitors. Venetian master glassmakers have made good use of this secret, creating splendid works of art that capture its unforgettable beauty. The secret is treasured only by a select few. And even fewer are those who succeed in keeping it alive over time. For more than 50 years Sylcom has been developing this precious heritage, assimilating its traditions, and interpreting its infinite potential through the generations. It’s a privilege reserved to very few persons. A precious gift based on three mainstays: a strong bond with Venice, awareness of the unique capabilities and value of human resources, respect for the environment. In an instant the light could fade out and beauty could be lost. Sylcom’s purpose is to never allow that this happen.

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