high-end mid kvaliteetne kallis eksklusiivne disain modernne moderne Artisan käsitsi puhutud klaas värviline klaas mummuline mullid kristall lühter lühtrid low poly triibuline sibul torud viltused torud viltune toru ussid

SOLUZIONI SYLCOM was created to respond to the demand for quality artisan-made products.
Every piece belonging to the collection is created individually, the result of an in-depth knowledge of Venetian glass-making traditions. Everything is backed by a concept of beauty that illuminates the everyday. The entire production process is carried out inside the company where extreme care is given to the minimum detail. And from where every lighting element is placed on the market with the “100% Made in Italy” certification.

SOLUZIONI SYLCOM was created to enhance the interiors of modern-day buildings through the art of exquisite manual skills, which boasts a history of over a thousand years. The result: a modern, highly refined product that conveys quality and class at first glance, in any environment. The products were also designed to be installed in groups of light, thus allowing interior designers to work on modularity in order to achieve highly customized, unique compositions.

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