Targetti Light Lines 20

Alumiiniumprofiilid alumiinium profiilid Odav tehniline led-riba led-lint ledriba ledlint rgb pikseladresseeritav pixel tehno led kitsas lai väga võimas short pitch väikese vahega 5a garantiiga IP65 IP67 IP54 IP44 IP20

Light plays an essential rolein architectural design:
It can enhance materials,textures and colours like no other element can.

This is the reason that by trusting the technical expertise of DURALAMP and their excellent quality light sources, we have developed an entire collection dedicated to linear light: Light Lines

Lines of light integrate perfectly into architectural space, they are hidden from sight and pave the way for the imagination, particular effects and flights of fantasy. They are pure technology, uniform light, colour rendering and long-lasting.

With the Light Lines collection we are now able to provide highly specialised tools capable of supporting the work of all those involved in designing and implementing an architectural project.

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